The Photo Archive of Russian History is an extensive collection of photographs documenting events in Russian history from the 19th century to the present day. The archive contains photographs taken by professional photographers, as well as photo reports and snapshots taken by amateurs.

Among the photos stored in the Photo Archive of Russian History, one can see portraits of outstanding personalities of Russia, events of the First and Second World Wars, the October Revolution, the Civil War, the formation of the Soviet state, and many other important moments in the country_qt_s history.

The archive includes photos from various sources: photo-artistic archives, materials presented in newspapers and magazines, as well as photos collected by individual collectors. Many of the photos have been lost or destroyed, but the Photo Archive of Russian History allows us to preserve historical memory for future generations.


Like most other archives, the photo archive of Soviet cinema contains numerous photographs taken over the decades of Soviet cinematography. Here, you can find photos of famous actors and directors, moments from iconic films, scenes from film industry congresses, and much more.

The archive also includes photos related to the history of the film industry, including photos of movie theater buildings, studios, and distribution companies. All of this allows us to understand how significant cinema was for Soviet society and how it developed over time.

One of the most interesting periods captured in the photo archive is the 1920s, when Soviet cinematography was just starting its journey. During this time, many film classics were created, such as Sergei Eisenstein_qt_s "Battleship Potemkin" and Mikhail Chiaureli_qt_s "The Silk Road."

The Soviet cinema photo archive is a unique historical material that allows us to learn about the culture and society of the USSR, as well as about the great film industry figures and the works they created.